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October 2022 Monthly Meeting

Updated: Dec 3, 2022


This month, Mark introduced the Sky Notes with details about the forthcoming partial eclipse of the sun on October 25th. Weather permitting, we will be once again running an outreach session in Broadgate in town

Sunspot activity is still strong but not quite achieving the levels of activity that might be expected taking past cycles into consideration.

Mark also presented his observations of ionospheric activity and was able to identify an anomalous peak in his measurements with a high energy extra galactic gamma ray burst. More information about Mark's observations can be found here along with this month's Sky Notes

The Ionosphere Ten Years On
Download PDF • 921KB

Oct 2022 skynotes
Download PDF • 197KB

This meeting's main speaker was our very own Geoffrey Johnstone. In an amusing presentation entitled the Big Bang Theory, Geoffrey went back through the ages up to the present time and showed us how key events in the universe relate to verses in the Old Testament (although it's unclear at this point if Geoffrey was able to really convince the anyone in the audience if scientific value could be extracted from the book of Genesis - I'll get back to you on that!)

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