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Sketching the Moon

OK, I'll come clean - I'm not a huge fan of the moon - the Coventry skies are bright enough without having our companion satellite drowning out DSO targets when the clouds just happen to clear for a few hours. However, some of the images posted to our Society's channel by our members over recent months has definitely made me think again.

Sinus Iridum: sketch by Mark Tweedie

And it's not just the images like those featured in previous entries, our own Mark Tweedie has posted some fantastic sketches of the moon such as the sketch of Sinus Iridum and Clavius.

Clavius: Sketch by Mark

Mark posted about an online workshop he attended that was run by Mary McIntyre (one of our guest speakers last year) who as well as being an expert imager on all manner of unusual atmospheric effects is also a very handy sketcher.

I'll also concede that I was never good at drawing but I have to say I'm inspired to have a go soon!

Thanks Mark!

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