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Partial Solar Eclipse - 25th October 2022

Start time: 10:07:30 BST

Max: 10:57:34 BST

End time: 11:49:22 BST


We enjoyed clear-ish skies to observe the partial eclipse. Mark Edwards organises the CAWAS event at Broadgate... thanks to all who helped out!

Photo: Mark Edwards

Photo: Mark Edwards

Many thanks for those who helped out in Broadgate this morning.

Amazingly, we saw the whole of the eclipse for once and were able to show some of the

passers-by the Sun with a bite taken out of it!


Mark E

Here are some other photos sent in by members. Thanks for all who posted (sorry we can't share them all...)

Photo: Mark Tweedie

Photo: William Diffin

Photo: Gray Batchelor

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