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Local Societies
Astronomy for Fun Group -
Birmingham Astronomical Society -
Heart of England Astronomical Society -
Knowle Astronomical Society -
Leicester Astronomical Society -
Rugby and District Astronomical Society -

Other Societies 
British Astronomical Association -
Society for Popular Astronomy -
Social Astronomy, a Free Networking site -
The Webb Society -

Artificial Satellites -
Atmospheric Phenomena -
Jodrell Bank Observatory -
Keeping an Eye on the Planets -
Meteors (American Meteor Society) -
NASA. Picture of the Day -
Solar Images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) -
Sunspots/Aurora/ Space Weather -
Tracking the ISS -
Uncommon Knowledge About NASA & Astronauts -
Variable Stars (AAVSO) -
How to Get Started With Astronomy While on a Shoestring Budget -

Light Pollution
Campaign for Dark Skies -
International Dark Sky Association -

Sky and Telescope -

Sherwoods Photographic Ltd -