04 - 06 Number of Stars in Square of Pegasus. Building Large Telescopes P2. Observation Notes. Deep Sky Notes. Astronomical News. Historical Note, (1866 meteor shower). - (5) College Observatory Operational. Maria Mitchell Observatory. How Low can you See?. Observations from Dark Site, (Mid Wales). Deep Sky Notes. Astronomical News. - (6) First Point of Aries. Fore-runner of Space Shuttle (P2). Survey of Bright Galaxies (P1). Members Obs. Simple Focusing Aid. For the Beginner
07 - 09 As Easy as PI. Survey of Bright Galaxies, P2. Planetary Notes. Beginners Notes. Deep Sky Notes. Lunar Obs. - (8) Survey of Bright Galaxies, P3 Letters. The Catania 6" Cooke Reflector. Deep Sky Notes. Planet Obs. Lunar Obs. Astronomical News. - (9) Society News. Ansley Visit, (Star Party). Wonderful Star (Mira). Film Hypersensitization Using Hydrogen. DeepSky Notes. Lunar Notes. Astronomical News
14 - Comet Halley, Observing double stars
15 - Review of Year. Drawing the Moon P2. Observations of Sun
16 - Auriga Clusters. Southam Star Party. Airborne Observing. Mare Crisium Features. Lunar Observations.
17 - Lunar Observations. Unknown Worlds P1. Sun Observations
18 - Vieta, Deep Sky notes, Unknown Worlds,
19 - Cavendish, Mira the variable star, Solar observations, Comet Bradfield
20 - M42, Jupiter, & Fra Mauro Observations, Astronomical Interest, Star Party Report
21 - Venus & Jupiter observations. Mars 1988. Herodotus. Jupiter Obs.
22 - Mars, Moon, & Sun Observations
23 - Mars Observations. Star Party
24 - Jupiter, Moon, & Mars Observations. Eye See. Astronomical Interest
25 - Aurora Reports. Setting up Equatorial Head. Lunar & Mars Observations.
26 - 50th Anniversary issue. History of CAWAS. Night to Remember. Astronomy at University. Lunar & Sun Observations
27 - Lunar Observations. JAS Aurora Section. Observing Venus P1
28 - Petavious. Letter. JAS Aurora Section. Observing Venus P2.
29 - Lyras Second Double. Flagstaff Arizona. Two Lunar Craters. Gravity Assist. Hints & Tips.
30 - Hipparchus. Historical note. Follow Short-Period Star. BAA's CfDS Campaign. Bode's Law. Poets Corner. Schiller.
31 - Saturn. Sun Observations. Astro Pop Quiz. Geology of Moon P1.
32 - Mare Imbrium btween Pytheas &Lambert, The Geology of the Moon, Hipparcos: Mission Accomplished, The Delta Clipper Demonstrator vehicle
33 - Cassiopeia, Looking for Little Green men, Eye on the Sky
34 - Burg, Camera Obscura, Lunar names and meanings
35 - 1999 Solar Eclipse, Naked eye variable star observing, Interplanetary Dangerous Sports Club
36 - Mars, Space debris, Setting circles on Altazimuth, Hepl darken our skies, VZ Cancri, Meteor observing5
37 - Cooke refractor finds new home, Camera obscura, Eclipsing variable β Lyra
38 - 1999 total solar eclipse, The space shuttle, History of Astronomy, Beginners year
39 - Poem, Powys County Observatory, Green Moon?, Exploration of the Solar System
40 - Lunar observation, Observe a Pulsar on your TV, Tides, Quantum or Particle Physics and Matter. The Coat Hanger
41 - Tale of Two Towers, Comets, Solar System Explorers, Taurus
42 - Hale Bopp, Stars by Daylight, Astronomical Myths
43 - Red planet report, Cassini Huygens mission, Rakh's Revenge, Molecular Clouds
44 - Tired Light Theory, Sir Norman Lockyer, Portable driven camera mount
45 - Rima Hyginus, Rhythms of Life, Astronomy of Tidal Bores, Diamond Rings and Golden orioles, Fatal attraction, MIRA Catalogue
46 - Interesting sundial, Cosmological conundrum, Moon & Apollo missions
47 - A Cosmological Conundrum
48 - Total Solar Eclipse 1999 plus Exposure Guide
49 - under african skies, to our childeren the stars, two Russians in space
50 - Special Members 1999 Eclipse Issue
51 - Two Mike Frost stories, plus Extra-Terrestial Dust
52 - The 1999 Leonid Meteor Shower, Astronomical Observations in Anglo-Saxon England, Planetary Nomenclature
53 - Prisoner, Cell Block Hg, QUASARS: the strange ones, X-ray Astronomy
54 - SOHO Solar images 2000, Sunsets on Mercury, X-ray Astronomy 2, Tying the Knot
55 - Lunar Feature Near Schickard & Inghirami, Telescopic Thoughts, Attraction of Gravity
56 - A Pale Blue Dot, Allegheny Observatory. Twenty Things You Never Knew About Camera Obscuras
57 - Did They Go to the Moon?, George Alcock (1912™2000) Remembered, Northern Exposure, 2001 Mars Odyssey mission, The Very Large Telescope
58 - Sci-Fi v Reality, Q & As to Astronomical Problems, Heart of Darkness - an African Eclipse, Sailing to Philadelphia
59 - Energy Bubbles, The Europan Single Current Sea, Near Earth Objects, The Very Large Telescpe
60 - Magic Moon?, Life in the Extreme, Some Enchanted Evening, The Very Large Telescope - the VLT instruments
61 - Cretian Holiday, 5 Planets line up, Full Circle, Hang On In There, Seeing in Gamma Rays,
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