Observing Sessions at Princethorpe

The entrance to the college is on the B4453 between Leamington and Rugby, just off the A423 Coventry to Banbury Road.

If you are using a SatNav, the post code to use is CV23 9PU, not CV23 9PX.

Not before 18:00hr please.

To see the location on Google Maps, CLICK HERE

The red exclamation marks the location. Park along that road (follow back to South West to B4453 to find entrance to college) noting the following.

You need to enter the Orchard via the small gate next to Gardeners Cottage.


All the sessions normally start at 18:00, but see below. Not before 18:00hr please.

Dates are as follows:

Saturday 1 October - 7.00pm start
Saturday 29 October (half term)
Saturday 26 November
Saturday 21 January
Saturday 25 February
Saturday 25 March - 7.30pm start

Please note the following are requests/advice from the school:

1. Please enter the orchard via the gate at Gardeners Cottage. Please note
that there is a family living in the cottage with young children.
2. Please give us notice if you are cancelling your session (I appreciate
this might be on the day as you a governed by the weather).
3. Under no circumstances can you drive onto the orchard, please park along
the road. Please avoid wheeling very heavy equipment into the orchard which
may cause damage to the grass.
4. Note that floodlights may be on around the school grounds as we may have
paying external bookings on the pitches. They will be off by 9.00pm.
5. If a school event is entered onto the school calendar that clashes with
any of the above dates, the school event will take priority but we will
endeavour to give you plenty of notice and do our best to find an
alternative date.

Finalised dates for Rugby sessions at Barby Cricket Club to follow, but the
first is planned for this Friday 23rd starting at 19:00