MIRA Issues 51 to 100

MIRA Magazine back issues 51 to 100

Here are the next 50 copies of old issues of C&WAS's MIRA journal: from No 51,  Christmas 1999 to 2017.
I hope you enjoy reading the many articles and stories here.
I Clarke (Editor)

90 - M66 Image.   Meteorites (Differences).  What Difference Does it Make? (Cosmology & Relativity).

91 - The Bergamo Analemna (North Italian sundial).  Parallax, Aberration and Nutation  The Significance of Aberration (Discovery of Parallax).  X-ray Interferometer Telescope (Space x-ray Mission).

92 - NGC3628 (The Hamburger Galaxy).  Dumfries and Maxwelltown Camera Obscura (Visit).  When Planets Merge (Galileo's Neptune observations).  Pre-Discovery (Discovery of Pulsars).   Exosolar Planets (Observing Methods).  Odd & Ends.

93 - Two Camera Obscuras Nearby (Local Camera Obscuras).  Mapping the Stars (Using Parallax).  Editors Bit (Gravity).  What's in a name, P1 & 2 (Astronomical Naming Issues).  An Ansty Church Window.  StephensonFast - and the Weather in Coventry, 1724 (Old weather records).

94 - Transit 2012 (Transit of Venus & visit to Jeremiah Horrocks house).  The Last Transit.  A Canadian Transit (The 2012 Transit of Venus).  The Moon (Formation and Features).  Two Recent Lunar Missions (Chadrayaan-1 and GRAIL).

95 - A Return to Oz (Solar Eclipse of 2012 from Australia).   Mercury (Features).   Messenger, NASA Update (New results from NASA's Messenger Orbiter).   Jeremiah Horrocks and New England (USA in early 1600's).

96 - An Inventory of the Solar System (Masses of Solar System bodies).  Life on Exoplanets Moons? (Types of life on exoplanet moons).  Cataclysmic Variables (Types of stars).  Two ESA Missions (an up-date).  "Observing Basics" The History of Astronomy (Getting involved in Astronomical history).

97 - An Introduction to Astronomical Image Processing (Part 1) (Using Photoshop to process images).  Catching Cosmic Rays in Space (Space Detectors).  Analysing Cosmic Rays in Space. 

98 -  Yerkes Observatory (Visit).  Hunting Halley (Halley's Tomb).   A Laboratory Named Diamond (New Laboratory at Harrell).  Editors Bit (Space Probes).  Two Variables and a Planetary (Objects in Cygnus).

99 - Race to the Moon (USA & Russia's Space Race to the Moon).   William Pearson's Sundial (Sundial now in Harborough Museum).

100 - The Wonderful Star (Discovery).   The First Interstellar Voyagers (Solar Sails).   The Einstein Tower, Potsdam (Visit).  Two Scottish Observatories (Visit)    Ocean Beach Camera Obscura (Visit).