MIRA Issues 1 to 50

MIRA Magazine back issues 1 to 50

Here are the first 50 copies of old issues of C&WAS's MIRA journal: from the earliest to the present.

This is very much a "work in progress" and is being continually updated with new material.  All the issues of MIRA from No 1, December 1982, are here, on this page until No 50, the August 1999 Solar Eclipse special edition.  
MIRA 51 and above are on the following page.  These are not full copies of each issue, most of the Sky Notes for the upcoming months after publication have been left out as they are too out of date.  Also some of the early issues of MIRA have a problem with reproducing photographs in the copying process, with extreme contrast hiding details, this does not show the work to advantage of the photographer and I have not any access to the originals.  Drawings both in ink and pencil fair much better, and all the interesting drawings, photographs, observations and articles from each issue are included.  In the early MIRA's a catalogue of interesting objects for a small telescope was included in many issues, all of these have now been gathered together with updates in MIRA 45.  The first 9 issues are grouped into sets of three: 1/2/3, 4/5/6 and 7/8/9.  All the others are as each issue.
I hope you find this an interesting collection.
(Ivor Clarke Ed)

17 - Lunar Obs.  M2 & M52 Obs.  Unknown Worlds P1 (Discovery of Neptune).  Sun Obs.